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December 02, 2022
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Min Ding 丁敏 (无宙,白丁) is Bard Professor of Marketing at Smeal College of Business and Affiliate Professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University, and has held past visiting positions at Australian National University, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Fudan University, and MIT. Min received his Ph.D. in Marketing (with a 2nd concentration in Health Care System) from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania (2001), his Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the Ohio State University (1996), and his B.S. in Genetics and Genetic Engineering from Fudan University (1989).

His current scholarly interest are in three domains: (1) Artificial Intelligence and its Application in Commerce (Deep Learning Methods; Artificial Empathy; Intraperson Game Theory; Artificial Decision; Prescriptive Recommenders; Matching Systems), (2) Innovation (Logical Creative Thinking [LCT]; Incentive Alignment [IA]; Innovation in Medicine; Adoption of Near-Term Disruptive Technologies), and (3) Human and Societal Development (The Bubble Theory [Fair Development, Fair Wealth, Enlightened Needs]; Hualish Culture [originated from the greater China region]).

His current work in marketing aims to develop tools with substantive value for practitioners, focusing on audio and visual data. He and his (former) students have developed face screening model for print advertising (Xiao and Ding, 2014, Marketing Science), Video-based Automated Recommender for garments (Lu, Xiao, and Ding, 2016, Marketing Science), Contour-as-Face method that balances privacy and perception in online settings such as dating sites (Zhou, Lu, and Ding, 2020, Journal of Marketing Research). Ongoing research projects include voiceprint for brands, voice-based empathetic methods, voice morphing, smart advertisement display system, and methods for understanding the innerworkings of deep learning models.

He received the Maynard Award in 2007 (Journal of Marketing), Davidson Award in 2012 (Journal of Retailing), and his work has also been voted as Paul Green Award finalists (2006 and 2008) and O'Dell Award finalist (2010) (Journal of Marketing Research).

He is the Editor-in-Chief of Customers Needs and Solutions, and series editor of Perspectives on Sustainable Growth (Springer). He is the past V.P. for the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS).

He is the author of several books that include Logical Creative Thinking Methods (2020, Routledge), Hualish (2019, Springer English ed; Fudan Press, Chinese ed), The Bubble Theory (2014, Springer English ed; 2019 Fudan Press, Chinese ed), The Chinese Way (2014, Routledge), and The Enlightened (2010), a novel.

He is a cofounder of House of Enlightened Needs 有知庐 and a founding member of Hua Culture and Life Association 华文化协会.

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